New Board Member Program

The training sessions presented in the New Board Members Program will work to establish a baseline knowledge and information of an organization’s structure, governance and the roles and responsibilities required to be an effective board member and leader.
A key component of a state soybean organization’s ability to achieve its mission and carry out its responsibilities to its stakeholders is ensuring that new board members understand their duties and responsibilities and build their individual leadership abilities.

The New Board Member Program is aimed at

  • Quickly “mainstreaming” new directors into the board;
  • Providing a focused program on governance responsibilities that will occur during the new director’s first 6-9 months on the board;
  • Teaching new members “What” they must know about the state organization and organization governance best practices
  • Teaching new members “How” to best utilize the information to discharge their duties and responsibilities.

These targeted sessions will focus on core areas new directors should know to quickly become effective. The online sessions will include:

  • Good Governance – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Strategic and Performance Management
  • CEO Succession and CEO/Board Leadership Partnership
  • Financial Oversight
  • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Mentor Program

Soybean Board Leadership Chart New