About Ag Leader Source

State Soybean Organization’s recognize the critical role its volunteer board members play in their organization’s success. They also recognize that in today’s challenging environment it is vitally important to identify and develop current and future volunteers to lead their state and national organizations.
The state soybean organization Soybean Board Leadership Program is a three-tier effort designed to meet this challenge. It follows along the board member development continuum:

  • Identify prospective leaders;
  • Effectively orient new board members and
  • Develop the skills and abilities of current board members and leaders.

AG Leader Source provides online training sessions in good governance practices and board members roles and responsibilities for the prospective, new and current board member.

This innovative and timely program is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of each state soybean organization to provide their farmer leaders tools to increase the effectiveness of their board. The objective of each segment is as follows:

  • Recruiting Board Members Program: Provide current board members tools to effectively identify, recruit and communicate with prospective board members.
  • New Board Members Program: Establish a baseline knowledge and information on the organization’s structure, governance and the roles and responsibilities required to be an effective board member and leader.
  • Current Board Members Program: Further develop skills and knowledge in the areas of exceptional board practices and soybean industry programs.

Soybean Board Leadership Chart General